Treading Lightly
Treading Lightly

5 Ways to Welcome Fall

Fall is elusive in Northern California. It comes and goes as it pleases, and cool weather can turn into one of the hottest days of the year overnight. When I was in college, it hit 80 on Thanksgiving.

All of this is to say that I never fully believe it’s fall, and I’m often dragging my feet on embracing the new season. I always firmly believe warm weather is right around the corner. It’s all too easy to wait until it’s basically winter to accept that fall has already come and nearly gone.

I refuse to miss out this year.

5 Ways Welcome Fall

5 Ways to Welcome Fall

This year I put in a concerted effort to stop being in denial. The temperatures have dropped, nights are cold, and the air smells crisp. All signs point to fall. Instead of pining for summer, I jumped head first into getting ready for the season.

(Spoiler: There are no PSLs or pumpkin flavored anything happening here)


1. Swap in warm clothes

Earlier this year I embraced swapping out my clothes seasonally. While I wear most of my minimalist wardrobe year round, my summer dresses and light sweaters dominated my closet and drawers for the past few months. But last week I found myself reaching for my warm sweaters and dreaming about cozy layers.

This weekend I pulled my cold weather clothes out of my canvas storage bag and put them in the wash with all of the warm-weather pieces that will take their place.

Seeing my favorite sweater dress and thick socks made me excited for fall.


2. Edit

Every day is a good day to declutter if you ask me, but the change of the season felt like the perfect time to let a few more things go. A tank top I wore once all summer and didn’t feel great in got the boot. I also finally put up the last few things from my move on eBay.


3. Deep clean

Okay, I haven’t actually done this in real life. Turns out it’s difficult to clean the baseboards and reorganize the cupboards when you’re on crutches. I have quite literally been dreaming about cleaning, and as soon as I’m more mobile you better believe it’s going to get real serious up in here.

Welcome Fall

4. Indulge

I can’t tear myself away from books lately, but the cooler weather makes me feel even less guilty about spending the day hiding out in bed with a book… or two.

Books are my pumpkin spice latte. I get it. Indulge in the thing that makes you feel good about the new season. Light a few candles, whip up a pie, cuddle with your warm blankets – it’s all just right.


5. Slow down

Summer tends to be a time of rush and business. It’s fulfilling and wonderful to travel and spend warm nights with friends, but fall is the perfect pause before the holidays.

I’m committing to spending more weekends savoring the moment. Slow mornings are my favorite. And dinners that simmer on the stove are pretty much all we’re cooking this week.

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