Treading Lightly
Treading Lightly

10 Tips for selling used clothes

Throughout the year I stockpile clothes I’d like to sell. Somehow I even end up collecting clothes from friends and family. When I finally can’t take it anymore, I bring the whole lot in and try to sell it all at once. Each time I reminded how to better sell my clothes.

10-tips-for-selling-used-clothes-lululemon-Tips for selling used clothes

10 tips for selling used clothes

1. Pay attention to season! Used clothing stores don’t want your winter clothes the first day of spring. This takes some planning ahead. Go through your clothes before the start of the season and sell then.

2. Quality matters. Unfortunately your cheap scores or pieces on the verge of falling apart aren’t going anywhere. Look for quality pieces that will last both when you are shopping and selling. Stores want used pieces that hold up and still look new.

3. Trends fill the shelves. I am not a trendy person. I rarely buy anything that would be considered trendy. Often when I bring in a bag full of basics the stores tell me they are looking for pieces that are in trend that second. If you do have something that’s currently popular in your closet that you aren’t sure of, sell it now!

4. Specialty shops are a great resource for items like prom dresses, designer pieces, and more expensive pieces. You will likely get a better price and have an easier time getting someone to take them. The only downside is that these places know exactly what they want, and your item might not fit their current needs.

5. Don’t be afraid of the garage sale. Sure, you have to lower your prices (and actually spend the time to sell them yourself), but you have a much greater chance of selling things off season and in bulk. Similarly, you an also do virtual version like a closet swap or Instagram sale with your online community.

6. Pay attention to what the store is selling. If it’s all summer dresses, your wool coat probably won’t be taken. Many used clothing stores have handouts of what they are looking for. You can also just call and ask if they don’t.

7. Be realistic. Every time I go to sell my clothes I imagine how much I’m going to get for them. I get giddy with the excitement of “getting money back” out of clothes I never wore or regretted purchasing. And it never works like that. It’s hard to remember that used clothes aren’t the same as buying new. And unless you are selling it directly on eBay, you are only getting a cut of the profits.

8. Form a relationship with a local shop. It’s much easier to sell things and get more for them when you know your local shop and they know you. They will start to know your style, how you treat your clothes, and that you are a loyal customer. Bonus, you might also get inside tips about new pieces hiding in their shelves that would be perfect for you.

9. In my experience, my local shops have offered me more per item and bought more of my stuff than any online used clothing store. The convenience of being able to just mail in my clothes and be done with it is great, but when they only end up buying a handful of pieces from the 30 you sent in, it’s frustrating.

10. If you’re willing to put in the work, eBay or other direct selling apps like Poshmark might be your best bet. I get much more per item when I sell them individually on eBay, but it takes far more time to take the pictures, set up the posting, and ship it afterwards.

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