Treading Lightly
Treading Lightly

Minimalist Workout Wardrobe

My minimalist workout wardrobe fits in one drawer, but it contains more than most people would probably expect. My exercise clothes take up half of my minimalist wardrobe. While it takes up less space than the rest of my clothes, my minimalist workout wardrobe has more pieces in it than my daily wardrobe.

I strongly believe that your wardrobe should reflect and support your lifestyle. These clothes are my bread and butter. They let me do the things I love! And the number of items I have may seem like a lot, but they get me through all four seasons and my favorite activities like running, yoga, CrossFit, Olympic lifting, and couch potatoing.

minimalist workout wardrobe

Minimalist Workout Wardrobe

5 cropped leggings
5 shorts
3 full length leggings (2 winter running tights, 1 regular)
2 running tights
2 bike shorts (with cushioned pad, not the ’90s shorts we all loved)
1 yoga pant

7 sports bras (many halfway out the door)
7 long sleeve tees
6 tanks
2 sweatshirts
3 quick-dry, no-chafe tees
1 running jacket

1 pair running shoes
1 pair training shoes (worn to CrossFit/gym)
1 pair lifting shoes
1 pair of trail running shoes

3 lap swim suits
2 pairs arm warmers (1 pair for warmth, the other is thin and cooling for sun protection)

Total (minus shoes): 49 pieces

Minimalist Workout Wordrobe

How is this Minimalist?

I’ll be the first to admit that this seems like a lot of stuff. But the large number fits my lifestyle and gives me more freedom and less stress. I workout six days a week, sometimes seven when I’m in the middle of a training cycle. This means I go through a lot of clothes. I’m not the kind of person who can rewear exercise clothes, not because I think it’s gross but because I get gross. I sweat through my clothes during most of my workouts.

Because I hang dry all of my clothes and I do my laundry once a week, I need to be able to make it through 8 days of exercise (seven plus an extra for laundry day).

My 50 pieces get me through my highest volume of training – the most stressful sections  – without having to squeeze in extra laundry or worry about having clothes. It lets me focus on the things that are actually important.

Double Duty

It’s no secret that I love activewear. And, let’s be totally honest, these items are my favorite in my wardrobe. They bring me immense joy, and since I work from home, I can often wear them all day long.

Working Towards Less

While I have already sold and donated quite a few things, I am being really thoughtful about what I have and questioning how much I need. Right now I’m going to keep what I have, but as things wear out there are some that just won’t get replaced. For instance I have two fleece sweatshirts, which isn’t necessary but I do wear them both weekly. At some point in the distant future I would like to replace both of them with one really nice fleece. Same for my bike shorts. The support tank, a long sleeve, and a running tight likely won’t be replaced.

Is this the right number for everyone? No! Is it the right number for me? Yes.

Can you make do with less? Absolutely! This is just what works for me.

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