Treading Lightly
Treading Lightly

Nike Women’s 2015 San Francisco Half Marathon

I went into this race prepared to give it everything. I knew it would hurt. I knew I would have to fight every mile to stick to my goal pace. I knew I had to face hills that made me (and the grown men next to me) want to cry.

I gave this race damn near everything I had.


I went into the race thinking I would aim to run a 10 minute per mile pace throughout the entire race (no easy feat given the amount of killer hills along the course. Over 13.1 miles we did over 1,500 ft. of elevation change). But when I got to my start corral and I saw that a 2:10 was a 9:55 per mile, I went all in on it.

And let me tell you. My legs hated me for it.


I spent most of the run not really seeing what was around me. It was just me, my watch, and my killer playlist against the (hilly) world. (Have a mentioned there were a lot of hills?) It was by far the most mentally challenging race I’ve had. That morning I had written out on my hand what time I should be at when I got to major miles (3, 6, 9, 11, 12). Every time I hit one of those goal times, I would start to freak out and tear up. I could actually do this crazy thing.

Spoiler alert. I made it.


The five a.m. wake-up. The near vomit fest at the finish line (keeping that in was a win in and of itself. They should make medals). The pain of the mile long hill at mile 10. The tears when I saw my family. It was all worth it.


I crossed the finish line in 2:12:19. Nearly three minutes faster than I’d hoped for and seven minutes more than my previous PR.

I’m so happy that I hit my goal. Those hills were hell, but it made me wonder what I can do on a flat course. I’m coming for you 2:00.

Oh, and without further ado, this year’s necklace:
Nike-women's-2015-san-francisco-half-marathon-finishers-necklace-tiffany's-box Nike-women's-2015-san-francisco-half-marathon-finishers-necklace-tiffanys Nike-women's-2015-san-francisco-half-marathon-finishers-necklace-design Nike-women's-2015-san-francisco-half-marathon-finishers-necklace


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