Treading Lightly
Treading Lightly

Get huge bro!

Over the past two years I’ve been trying casually to gain muscle… 15 or more pounds of muscle. I have been steadily making progress since I started to lift more, and the scale has been slowly creeping up.

I gained muscle very slowly. So slowly that I didn’t think I looked any different. Until I started trying to wear my summer clothes and some other pieces (hello adorable, fancy dress) that I hadn’t worn in two years.

Suddenly I am busting out of everything like the Hulk. Or I can’t even get the piece on. (To be fair, many of my clothes are from college or right after graduation. In other words, I bought them 10-15lbs ago.) I’ve never had such a sudden change in my body (Ha! Changes over more than a year might not be considered “sudden”).


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As much as it pains me to no longer fit into some of my favorite clothes (and I cringe at the idea of having to shop for their replacements), it’s incredibly gratifying to see and feel that all of my had work paid off.


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