Treading Lightly
Treading Lightly

Holistic health: neti pot

The first time I saw a commercial on TV for a neti pot I laughed so hard my abs started to cramp. I could not believe anyone would willingly pour water up their nose. But after a horrible sinus infection in high school my doctor finally convinced me to try it.

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In western culture we believe that anything to do with most of the body, especially the nose, is disgusting; however, in recent years holistic remedies are becoming increasingly popular and accepted. Sinus washes, especially with a neti pot are becoming common ways to not only relieve symptoms from a cold or the flu, they are also being used to maintain health throughout the year.

Looking back I wish I had tried a sinus wash long before I did. For a few years I only used a neti pot when I was congested or battling a cold, but over the last month I have been using it daily as a way to wash out any pollen or other allegergins. I had been taking a decongestant every night to help me battle my seemingly constant allergies, but after a month of using a neti pot daily I no longer have to take any medication for it. My congestion, scratchy or irritated throat and post-nasal drip have drastically decreased. 

However, a neti pot does have a learning curve. In an article on Mother Nature Network someone compared using a neti pot to “waterboarding for hippies,” which I completely understood. The first time I tried it was horrible. First I poured it through my noes, straight down my throat, which ended in me coughing up salt water and shooting it back out my nose. When I tried again instead of coming out the other nostril in a steady stream it came pouring out of my eyes. But once you get the right angle set, the nasal wash is pain free. 

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