Treading Lightly
Treading Lightly

Hiking in Butano State Park

Towering redwoods, bounding deer, lackadaisical banana slugs – hiking in Butano State Park was fantastic coastal adventure.
Hiking in Butano State Park

I had been talking about hiking for months. My poor physical therapist was constantly answering my pestering questions about when I would be ready to run or at least hike on uneven terrain. I was so excited to slip on my trail running shoes last week. I bought them three days before I hurt my ankle, and they spent nearly six months sitting in my closet. A constant reminder of all of the things I wanted to do but couldn’t.

Hiking in Butano State Park, Butano Creek Crossing Nike Terra Kiger

Our first adventure together was a success. We hiked a three mile loop along a trail that started in the campground and took us in a loop around the park. The park had been closed for the wet winter and had only opened a few weeks before we visited. Between the hoards of spider webs (some spiders attached) across the trail and the frolicking deer who looked just as startled to see us as we them, it was pretty clear the trail hadn’t gotten much use yet.

Hiking in Butano State Park-Hiking-in-Butano-State-Park Hiking in Butano State Park-Hiking-in-Butano-State-Park-coastal-wildflowers

We carried a stick to clear the path, and we were constantly trying not to step on banana slugs. The coastal wildflowers and lush ferns didn’t disappoint. It was one of the most peaceful hikes I’ve ever been on. The last hike we did in the summer was swarming with people. We saw one other person on the trail, and we had gotten so used to being alone out there that the mountain biker felt out of place.

Hiking in Butano State Park-Hiking-in-Butano-State-Park

Besides the spiders (I will admit, I very much disliked that part and was constantly stopping to ask for a “spider check.” Untrustworthy creatures if you ask me.), the hike was just what I needed. And hiking during the week? Amazing! I see more non-weekend hikes in my future.

PS. Camping in Butano State Park.

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