Treading Lightly
Treading Lightly

How to create a minimalist wardrobe from your closet

You don’t have to buy new things to create a minimalist wardrobe or capsule. While I love the perfectly curated wardrobes as much as everyone else, there are so many benefits of only focusing on what you have and not buying anything new. I can guarantee (unless you recently lost all of your clothes in a disaster) you can build a minimalist wardrobe from what you already own.

How to create a minimalist wardrobe from your closet-create-minimalist-wardrobe-from-your-closet

How to create your minimalist wardrobe

1. Make space. My favorite part of this process is clearing everything out. Remove everything from your closet and put back only the things you truly love. Not the things that are kind of okay. Not the things that were close to what you were looking for but not quite right. Not the things that don’t really fit anymore. Pure love.

2. Evaluate. The things I love are a bit of an odd bunch, but there are trends. I love things that are fitted, comfortable, and made from natural fibers. Things that feel good on my skin, make me feel good when I wear them, and have clean lines. Take note of what you like.

3. Fill the gaps. Do I LOVE my white t-shirts? Not particularly. But they fit and they support many of the other items that I love, so I kept them. These are the things that I might replace later when they wear out, but that work just fine right now.

4. Make it work. Be harsh in the beginning and try living with the least amount you think is possible. You don’t have to donate everything the day you take it out of your closet. But do spend time working with the smallest number of things you think is possible.

When I first started really cutting back my wardrobe, I had a whole list of things I thought I wanted to add in. But a tight budget and a hatred of most things in the store slowed me down enough to make realize that what I have is just fine. Sure some older things will need to be replaced soon, but right now what I have is enough. More than enough.

Why create a minimalist wardrobe from your closet

Save money. No budget necessary.

No shopping. Saves you time and the hassle of trying to choose the right pieces. It also helps you avoid impulse buys and the consumption circus that is most malls.

Limit choices. If you are anything like me, deciding what to wear is hard enough without also including thousands of choices from stores.

Define your style. Narrowing your wardrobe lets your style shine through. You will really get to know what you like, which means that the next time you buy something, it will fit in perfectly.

Save resources. Retailers are pumping out more clothing than ever. By not shopping you are helping to slow down fashion and get the most out of what you already bought. The most sustainable product is the one you already own.

Less pressure. I love looking at capsule wardrobes, but the planners and the dos and don’ts hurt my brain. The perfect capsule takes a lot of energy and focus that I just don’t have for it. Instead of choosing 30 or 35 pieces that you will wear for the next three months regardless of weather or social situation, you can simplify your closet and use it year round.

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