Treading Lightly
Treading Lightly

SeaWheeze half marathon training

It’s official, I’m training for my first half marathon of 2015. SeaWheeze is only 14 weeks out!

This is my first half that I’m actually on schedule for training (I know it’s only the first week and I have plenty of time to get behind, but for once I’m not injured from day 1). I’m ready to slowly add mileage and feel strong.

The past two years I have used the SeaWheeze app to train for my first three half marathons, so it’s a no brainer that I’m doing it again… with some changes.

First training run for #seawheeze is done. I’m finally starting to feel more like the runner I used to be. #runchat #running

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Here’s how it will break down for me:

Mondays: CrossFit or olympic lifting (also known as “cross-training” according to my app)
Tuesdays: Short run, between 30-45 minutes depending on how far into training)
Wednesdays: CrossFit or olympic lifting
Thursdays: Recess! or speed work. Minimum of three miles.
Fridays: CrossFit, olympic lifting, or optional rest day (ha! I should work on that one…)
Saturdays: Long run
Sundays: Power yoga, optional 20 minute run

So far I’m super pumped for my schedule, although I know that as my mileage increases and the race gets closer I will have to back off on weight and intensity at CrossFit and start taking a for real rest day that I don’t sweat… unless it’s on a yoga mat in an easy class.

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