Treading Lightly
Treading Lightly

Minimalism and TV

Over the past year I’ve been slowly removing things from my life – extra stuff, unnecessary obligations, TV shows, negative or draining relationships. I’m still busy and I still struggle to balance everything, but for the most part the things that fill my time also bring me joy and contentment.


The easiest thing to give up was TV. In college I used TV as a mental break or a reward for hard work. I would treat myself to an episode or two after completing certain assignments or working uninterrupted for a few hours. After college it was easy for me to justify binge watching entire seasons or coming home to a few episodes every night.

When most of the shows I was watching ended for the summer, I filled my time with more of the things I loved (hi books, I missed you). I realized how much more satisfied I was digging into a good book for 30 minutes than a show I sort of liked. When fall rolled around I picked two shows and ditched the rest. Now I watch an hour (or less) of TV per week when they are in season, and each one feels like a real indulgence. I honestly don’t miss the rest.

I have more room to be creative and create instead of constantly consume. Most importantly, I have more time for the things that are really important to me.

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