Treading Lightly
Treading Lightly

Yeah bro, I do even lift

I started doing CrossFit because I wanted to be able to throw around a barbell like the people I saw doing the WODs at my gym. There was something about it that I just couldn’t tear myself away from.


The most terrifying part of starting CrossFit was learning the olympic lifts.

But they’re also what brought me back each time.

It took me a full year for the movements to feel natural, and by then I couldn’t get enough. There isn’t a feeling in the world like tossing your body weight over your head like it’s no big deal. Or listening to the sound of a heavy barbell hitting the ground after a solid lift. Or clawing your way out of a heavy clean. Or not being able to walk the day after heavy squats.

It's so nice to be back with the barbell crew @inrc_ @zeroatlas @sarammarston

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I decided it was time to really get into the grit of lifting. I hadn’t done any particular strength programs or followed any cycles on my own in the past, but I signed up for the barbell club at my gym. For a month I worked on technique and improved every single lift we worked on. By the end of the month the PRs were rolling in.

I was addicted.

I got my own lifting shoes. I researched strength progressions to do on my own outside of lifting with the group. I religiously listened to Barbell Shrugged and loaded my Instagram with amazing lifters.

Even better – I went back to CrossFit stronger and way more confident with my lifts. Weights that had felt really heavy seemed to fly off the floor a little easier.


These just might be my favorite shoes – not because they look great with every outfit (we all know they do), but because of how I feel in them. Powerful. Badass. In control. Happy. Unstoppable.

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