Treading Lightly
Treading Lightly

Minimalist Closet: One in, one out rule

I’ve been strict with myself lately on the “one thing in, one thing out” rule on my way to a more minimalist closet. I recently bought a (much needed) new shirt and a simple dress, and before I found either of them a home I went through and pulled out a few t-shirts and a jacket to donate.

Not only does the rule keep my drawers from overflowing, it also challenges me to really think if a purchase is worth it or not. Do I need it and like it enough to get rid of something I already have? If not, it stays in the store. I’ve been trying to match like items (new shirt in, old shirt out), but I settle for any similar item when I have to.

Minimalist Closet: One thing, one thing out rule

Two of the items that made their way into the donate bin

But the rule isn’t just for clothing. When a new magazine arrives each month I go through and recycle an old issue. Same goes for beauty products, although my “one thing out” has to be empty to get the boot. There isn’t much it doesn’t work on, except maybe roommates.

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