Treading Lightly
Treading Lightly

Clearing Clutter

For the past few years I’ve been slightly obsessed with figuring out what I can get rid of, what I really need, and what makes my life better/ me happier in an attempt to balance living space, happiness, and stuff. While I had the house to myself last weekend I decided it was a brilliant time to sort through all of the book I was storing and make some tough decisions.

Due to a lack of a bookshelf (or the space to put one or the desire to have one) all of my books were shoved into a corner of my closet. Despite the fact that I usually read library books or an ebook, my love of reading has led me to amass way too many books over the years. When I was digging through them all I still had books from when I was in middle school.

The Big Purge

When I really thought about it I didn’t want to move these books, I never want a bookshelf that takes up space or collects dust, and most of these books I never (ever) want to read again (once was enough for the required summer reading). I made a box of books that had notes or highlighting to be donated (and hopefully make some high schooler very happy that they don’t have to bother writing down what Shakespeare was “really trying to say”), a box of books in good condition to be given to the library, and a box to potentially sell.

All in all I cut down my books by 90 percent. I saved 12 books I re-read almost yearly (and made a pact with myself that in a year or the next time I move I will get rid of the ones I hadn’t touched in a year). I also saved all of the books my mom gave me from when she was a child, including my namesake, Mandy.

I now have more room in my closet (that I have vowed not to fill with new things) and it feels great to know that instead of being hidden away, other people will get enjoyment out of all of them.

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