Treading Lightly
Treading Lightly

Homemade Chai Tea

Hello, my name is Mandy, and I am addicted to tea. I have a milk crate full of tea at my apartment and another at my parent’s house. I love all kinds of tea from delicate white to a hearty black tea either iced or hot. But no tea is as comforting as a creamy chai.

homemade nondairy chai tea
As part of my sugar challenge, I was desperately craving something sweet and comforting without reaching for sugar heavy cookies or cake. This chai recipe hit the spot without pushing me over my sugar limit. It tastes so much like the sugar heavy chai lattes at coffee shops that I don’t plan on buying them anymore.
homemade nondairy chai tea in the pan

What makes this recipe so creamy and rich is how it’s made. There is no water or sugar-filled mix in it. Instead it’s all nondairy milk (I used soy) and tea bags.


Bring two chai tea bags for every 8 oz. of nondairy milk to a boil. Stir occasionally to help brew the tea. Once it has come to a boil and the milk is a light brown color, remove the tea bags. Transfer to a mug and enjoy.

homemade nondiary chai tea 2

loose tea strainer

Because I got a little vigorous with my stirring and I may have pushed a little too hard to wring out the tea bag before I removed it, I ended up breaking the bag and letting the tea loose in my milk. I used a handy tea strainer that fit into my mug perfectly and kept all of the tea pieces out of my heart warming cup.

Because I used sweetened soy milk I didn’t have to add any sugar. My recipe is more than half the calories and almost 40 grams less sugar than a Starbucks’ chai tea latte with soy milk. Mine has 6 grams of sugar and only 110 calories compared to Starbucks’ 240 calories and 43 grams of sugar. Definitely never going back.

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  1. I tried making this today. The store didn’t have soy milk so I had to use regular milk. Not sure if it came out as good as yours did… Will definitely try with soy later though, if I come across it at one of the other stores. Thanks for sharing 🙂 (Btw: had to comment with my Norwegian blog as you didn’t have a name/url option. I blog at tumblr as well, in english (eatpraylovetrain)- more and more about minimalism, simple living these days, you are a big inspiration). I will become better at actually commenting though 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment, it means a lot! Soy milk just might make it a little bit thicker and sweeter, but I’m sure regular milk works just as well. You could also always add a little bit of sweetener with milk.

    I follow your blog on Tumblr : ) I look forward to hearing more from you!

  3. […] Never again will I pay to overdose on sugar at coffee shops, especially if I can make something healthier at home. I also won’t let myself snack on sweets throughout the day or rationalize eating […]

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