Treading Lightly
Treading Lightly

Feel Better Naturally: Neti Pot Benefits

With the flu season ramping up, it seems like it’s impossible to avoid people who are sick. My roommate has been battling something for a few weeks and it seems like every time I go in to work someone else is home sick.

Between the Christmas trees, wet weather, and all of the bugs going around, I spent a few weeks suffering from allergies and/or a minor bug. I have posted about my neti habits in the past, but after seeing so many people suffer I thought it might be time to bring it up again.

Throughout my time under the weather, I was never congested in my nose. Normally when my allergies get really crazy or I get sick one of the first things that happens to me is that my nose completely stuffs up. When I wasn’t feeling well I was using my neti pot in the morning and before I went to bed. It made the biggest difference for me, better than any medication.
If you aren’t feeling your best or are coming up on a big allergy season for you, I highly recommend trying a sinus wash like a neti pot. Just remember to boil or filter your water first, especially if you will be using well water.


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