Treading Lightly
Treading Lightly

Ditch the toxic chemicals and clean your home safely

Did you know most cleaning products sold in the average store qualify for hazardous waste disposal? How about the amount of chemicals you ingest or inhale from these products on a daily or weekly basis? Every day we are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands of chemicals in our own homes that have been linked with cancer and other health problems.

This weekend I watched “Chemerical,” a documentary by Andrew Nisker. The film follows a family’s journey from a toxic laden home to their mostly homemade cleaning and person care products as they attempt to make their home safer. Because I have been making my own cleaning products for over four years now, I was able to relate to transition and their struggles with understanding that the products they trusted were having such a large impact on their health. While it’s not the most beautifully shot or professionally edited documentary I have seen this year (or even this month), the story is still inspiring and eye opening.
Are you ready to decrease your chemical load, live healthier, and still have a clean home? Check out my post on the basics of sustainable, safe, cheap, and incredibly effective cleaning to get you started. You can use this recipe to replace your all purpose cleaning spray and this simple recipe to make your own effective and incredibly cheap laundry soap.

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