Treading Lightly
Treading Lightly

Forced Spring Cleaning

In the past month my closet has fallen completely off my wall twice, dumping all of my belongings into a huge heap on the floor. After going through the trouble to get it organized, get someone from housing to actually care, and getting it fixed, to have it all fall down again is incredibly frustrating. But while laying on the floor in the heap of my belongings, I realized something. Perhaps this is the world telling me I have too many things and it’s time to pass them on to someone else.

(No, I wasn’t in the closet when this happened, although I was standing close to it.  Apparently the universe is happier with my roommate (who took the photo, thanks Noe!) than me (her stuff is still hanging nicely).)

So instead of feeling sorry for myself (well, I will probably do some of that too), I am going to organize my life and cut back.

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