Treading Lightly
Treading Lightly

Hanging out laundry to dry: even in a dorm room

It seems like there is a large misconception around campus that you have to have long clothes lines to be able to hang out your laundry. It’s disappointing because students have more room to air dry their laundry than they assume. I can fit an entire load of laundry and then some on my clothes rack. You really only need as much floor space as your drying rack takes up. In a pinch I have even placed mine on a desk or on top of my bed (the bed is more of a challenge because you have to balance the weight to keep it from tipping off). However, I am incredibly lucky this year that I have a balcony that fits my drying rack so well.

It is fairly easy to air dry clothes with very little space. Clothes racks come in all shapes and sizes that will fit into even the smallest corners. Hanging clothes on hangers in doorways or off any other surface is another way to increase the amount of clothes you can dry at once.

Hanging my clothes out to dry not only saves energy, but it also makes my clothes last so much longer. Most of my clothes have never been through the dryer, and they look great. All of my athletic fabrics are still holding their shape and stretch, and my jeans are still the same color as when I bought them. Ditching the dryer can save you money, even if you live in the dorms and don’t pay for electiricy. The longer your clothes last the less you have to replace them or repair them. 

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